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Can I export more than one image in different formats at the same time?

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Yes, you can export multiple copies of selected photos for different purposes in Lightroom Classic by enabling the checkbox for presets in the Export dialog. This allows you to use multiple presets simultaneously instead of selecting just one.


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The standard method for exporting photos from Lightroom Classic involves selecting your photos, clicking the Export button at the bottom of the Library module’s left panel, choosing a preset or configuring settings manually, and then clicking Export. The photos are then exported according to your specified settings.

However, you can also export multiple copies of your selected photos using multiple presets within the Export dialogue.

First, ensure you have created the necessary presets. In the Export dialog, configure your desired settings for an export preset, then click the Add button at the bottom left. In the pop-up dialogue, give the preset a meaningful name, select the folder to save it in (default is “User Presets”), and click Create. If you plan to export photos using multiple presets, it’s helpful to use unique folder names for each. For example, set the primary export location as the Desktop, then create subfolders named after each preset to keep the exported images organised.

With your presets ready, you can export photos using multiple presets. Instead of selecting a single preset in the Export dialogue, check the boxes next to each preset you want to use. For instance, you might export photos as TIFFs for printing and as small JPEGs for your blog. Check the boxes for each relevant preset, then click Export.

This method allows you to export photos for various purposes in one streamlined process. Select your photos, click Export, check the boxes for the desired presets, and click Export again to begin exporting the photos according to all selected presets.

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